Friday, June 19, 2015

Chaos. That's my life abridged. Oh I may sound as though I have lived a turtle's lifetime on this planet. No, no. I am somewhere in the middle. Or may be just a quarter something.
I was told it had something to do with the star that winked slyly at me when I first opened my eyes to this world. I was told this particular star took a fancy to take us on a ride, a not-at-the-least-exciting ride, if I may add, at every turn we would take. And I was even warned that this wicked little star loves to delay giving us the things we deserve only to make us doubly happy at a later time. Now that is not simply wicked, that is disgusting. Well, it's good to know it's worked just this way for the others who share my star! As for me, the little devil is still playing its tricks.
Or maybe this star or devil, whatever that might be is just me? Maybe a star can turn a devil in no time when one decides to put the blame on anything but oneself? Or maybe the chaos is simply some phantom of an idea, that comes and goes when it pleases only to gnaw one's insides? Oh damn..I do not know! It's only getting all the more chaotic! And I hate the cacophony. So cut it. Peace.


  1. Dear radhika mam,
    I didn't understand anything, bcz am not a literature graduate
    But am a big fan of u, music is ma passion
    MG Radhskrishnan Melody with keyboard in mucic mojo it's mind blowing,
    Ethra thavana ketunnu eniku thanne ariyilla
    I tried to contact u in fb,but u reached out maximum friends
    Any way am very appreciate if u read ma comment and have a humble request if u don't mind plz send me a fb friend request just like an younger brother

    Thank u


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