Monday, November 10, 2014

Voices Unseen

I hear voices. Do you? Well, if you do, I can be comforted.

Dreams for me are more than mere dreams! They are ready to play their scenes the moment the curtain falls. And what's more? They make sure they play on until I tug at the strings of my curtain at daybreak. But do they stop with that? No...They continue to play and re-play the scenes in my mind's eye for the rest of the day. The players you ask? Oh well...they can be anyone...someone I  bumped into during the day or someone from one of the previous plays; someone close to my heart or otherwise; or some random person who perhaps wishes to be a part of the whole chaotic play.

But these are quite ordinary I suppose. What tires me out is the constant play of voices inside my head. They aren't anything like the incomprehensible buzz that leaves one hazy; on the contrary they are quite lucid. Their eloquence, more often than not, leaves me stunned and makes me wish they would simply shut up. These voices are sometimes a monologue, sometimes a dialogue, a running commentary, but mostly-a cacophony! I have wondered many times about the script writer. Surprising how he never gets weary prompting these voices to play these alarmingly unending discourses.

I wouldn't be surprised if you wonder at this point if I am in the right state of mind. It’s quite possible that I am making a mountain out of a molehill. This, I suppose is not an uncommon phenomenon after all. For some, these voices take the form of a bird and for yet others they are simply their conscience, and there are few who offhandedly christen them as a hunch or an intuition. Maybe all of us have script writers in us, called by different names, and a dais all set to stage their crafty plots. And perhaps I spend a little more time than the rest of you, lending a pair of pitiful, invisible ears to my very own writer’s schemes.

That said, there is a voice asking me the motif behind this script of mine. Nothing at all. Maybe I am as jobless as the playwright in me craving for an innocent audience or maybe I wish to solely keep a check on my sanity. Well, I guess my purpose is achieved nonetheless. Next time delve deep inside you, lend your ears to the resonating voices and stay as sane as I am! So long folks!


  1. Even if the Voices seem Insane Sometimes.....But I always Lend my Pity Ears! :)

  2. You write on simple things that all of us go through in life but you give a sublime quality to it with your poetic style of prose and that is amazing.

  3. Oh thanks ! It's crazy I thought :)