Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Right. So I have finally come to terms with creating a blog space of my own. The idea has always tempted me and fortunately or unfortunately I defied  the temptation until today. And now I stand in this ‘space’ (which looks like a virgin slate ready to be scribbled on) gawping at its immensity, not knowing who my guests would be (if I would have any at all!!). But I am not discouraged. It’s always the first leap that seems almost impossible.
Writing has always been a dear affair to me. Stereotypical of any lover of words I started off by bottling up my thoughts in a little brown memoir (which in some recent dispute managed to break into a million tiny pieces!). I definitely miss my little brown friend. Sigh. We write diaries in all pretence of locking up our deep, dark secrets only to ‘hide’ it in the most accessible of places. Honestly I haven’t come across one blessed soul who buried his diary with himself. At some point, we crave to cry out to the world our deepest thoughts and emotions and befriend sympathy.
All said and done, here I am,  poised, waiting for some heavenly inspiration to strike me and to bring a downpour of words. Alas, the sky is as clear as my head. So it’s farewell for now until some sense seeps into me and finds its way here.
So long folks!!